It only takes 4 steps to succeed.

Here are the 4 elements: offer, attractive freebie, a home for the offer, a home for the freebie.

1. Repackaged offer

Your offer has to be stacked. It has to be value-based.

Without that, you are competing on price and that is dangerous.

2. Attractive Freebie

You need to give them a reason to bite. Bait & switch is not going to work anymore. You need to give away real value.

This is your "loss leader."

3. The Offer's Home

You need a landing page or a website.

If it's not clear, simple and easy, your prospect will bounce. It must only communicate your offer.

4. The Attractive Freebie's home.

How will you communicate your attractive offer to the right people? What Channels?

Email, text, ads, social?

Web Chat

Want a ChatGPT enabled bot on your website answering 24/7?

Sales Management

Need a sales management platform?

2 Way Texting

Need a way to text and have a bird's eye view of your marketing activities?

Email Automation

How about logic based emailing sequences that are hyper personalized?

Voice Drop

Leave messages and manage calls?

Reputation Management

Do you want to manage your reputation? Send out links to start building reviews?

Tracking Dashboard

See everything from one place.

We Can Help You!

We'll set you up on the best platform for the job. Once you are set up, if you need help managing it, we'll send you an offer and a quote.




We will build out the map for you. All you need is to run the machine.

We make our money when you ask for help with the monthly maintenance and management.




Sales is about audience building, understanding the clients, giving them a good reason to talk to you and an even better reason to buy from you.

Let's build it together.




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